Controller And Software Features

Adtronics LED Displays come with complete message editing and control software. They can be controlled directly using data cable or remotely via wireless or internet connection. With 3 software packages to choose from, Adtronics makes it easy for you to get the most out of your sign.

Adtronics offers a complete software solution that makes it easy and affordable to create and manage digital signage in a wide variety of applications such as retail advertising, schools / campuses, sports stadiums, public transit, electronic billboards, and more.

The software is comprised of 3 components, layout creator/editor, playback scheduler, and remote management tools. Easy and powerful, it makes it easy to add content, design screen layouts and display your work. Changes are immediate. It gives you the flexibility of scheduling your sales messages based on the time of day, day of the week or month. You can tailor your messages to coincide with local happenings or seasonal events. It has all the tools needed to capture and hold your audiences' attention. Whether your message requires full color video, high definition greyscale graphics or simple monochrome messages, Adtronics makes it easy to get the most from your sign.

Software Features Overview